The Slendercraft beta was the first edition. It started in early 2013 and ended in early 2015.

Gameplay Edit

The beta version had the players finding the pages in chests with signs above them saying what's written on them. In the beta, players had 10 torches instead of 5. In fact, no torches were in the final until just recently with the Frontlines update.

Maps Edit

There were only four maps in the beta.

Mansion (Beta)


Herobrine Woods


Attackers Edit

There were only six attackers, some of which were only in the beta.

  1. Slenderman (Slender)
  2. Suitor (Amnesia)
  3. Paranoia (Slender Fortress 2)
  4. Pinkie (Smile HD)
  5. Herobrine (Minecraft)
  6. SCP-087 (SCP)

Missing Edit

Some content didn't get finished during the beta. Let's start with the maps that went missing during the beta and haven't been seen since.

Maps Edit

  1. Gate C
  2. The Lab

Attackers Edit

  1. Tranzit Driver (Black Ops II)
  2. Mad Dog (Courage)
  3. TF141 (Modern Warfare 2)
  4. Majini Soldier (Resident Evil 5)