Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is a map in Slendercraft.

Description Edit

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is a remake of the area by the same name from the original Five Nights at Freddy's. It also shares similarities to the Slender Fortress 2 version (called Five Rounds at Freddy's). Both of them have a hole in the wall of various rooms that take you to parts of the attraction. Foxy's stage and the bathrooms have those holes that take you to other rooms. The hole at Foxy's stage takes you to the supply room and the bathroom takes you to the other bathroom.

There is also a basement that you access from either the stage or by the hole in the wall in the office. However, the only way out is the staircase that takes you to the stage. One last difference is something found in the Garry's Mod version of the map. There is a room located to the right of the stage that acts as an exit. It takes you to a fake town when you win.

Changes Edit

slender_fazbearspizza_a1 to slender_fazbearspizza_a2: Changed waiting room. Removed the lights due to errors when the power goes out.

slender_fazbearspizza to slender_fazbearspizza_a1: Added holes to Foxy's stage and the bathroom. Foxy's stage takes you to the supply room and the bathroom hole takes you to the other one. Added a basement accessed by either the hole in the office wall or by the stage. You can only leave by the stage. Added the exit room from the Garry's Mod version. Added waiting room.

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