This article is for people to submit ideas for upcoming content. These include new modes, maps, and attackers. To submit an idea, go to the header and click underneath the info. The use the "sub-heading" format to type out your idea.

Rules Edit

  1. The idea must not be a joke. It's either serious or not be here.
  2. The idea must not be already implemented. We will notify you if it is.

Modes Edit

Modes are the type of map. There are currently slender, survival, raid, monster survival, and special modes.

Maps Edit

See the Slendercraft page to see the maps that already exist. In here, you must include the map name, the objective, and a brief description. Music is optional.


Attackers Edit

The Slendercraft page also has the current attackers listed.

Reviving Edit

To bring back any scrapped ideas.

Mechanics Edit

New features.