Herobrine Woods was the scrapped first edition of The Eight Pages and appeared in the Beta.

Description Edit

The map that came before Mansion (Beta), Herobrine Woods was the original version of the Eight Pages map. Instead of being superflat, the world was a normal generated one. The forest had slopes that players had to climb over. There was even a small shack. Most of the pages were on trees.

Removal Edit

Due to the constant slopes and jumping, players' stamina decreased faster than actual running. This caused problems when Herobrine was after the player. Due to the constant problems, the map was removed.

Trivia Edit

  • Although this map came out before Mansion (Beta), it actually wasn't meant for Slendercraft. Although, Mansion (Beta) was the first actual Slendercraft map. Herobrine Woods isn't because Slendercraft didn't happen until Mansion (Beta) was made.