Hillside is a map in Slendercraft.

Description Edit

Hillside is a dark version of the main village in an old tutorial world (which one needs specification). It is a medium sized village that rests on the top of a mountain. The whole village remains the same. The portal to the Nether is still there, although it has been powered off and the hidden room is still there, except the water is missing.

Version 2 Edit

The differences are only at the start of the town and the portal room. The two first houses when you spawn near are gone, and the portal room is replaced with a library. Instead of a farm, there is this small prison downstairs next to the gate.

Changes (Hillside) Edit

slender_hillside to slender_hillside_a1: Secret room no longer has water. Farm is opened up. Fixed some out of map areas.

Changes (Hillside V2) Edit

slender_hillsidev2 to slender_hillsidev2_a1: Moved spawn area. Fixed out of map areas.

Waiting Rooms Edit

Hillside's waiting room is still in consideration while V2 reuses Townsend and Manor's waiting room due to them being in the same world.