Laboratory is a map in Slendercraft.

Description Edit

Laboratory is a remake of Undertale's True Lab. In Undertale, you had to get 4 different colored keys to power up an elevator. Here however, you have to get 7 keys (levers) to power up the elevator in spawn. The lab is almost a complete remake. Complete with the mirror hall, ventilation room, and even the power room for the elevator is present.

Waiting Room Edit

The waiting room is also a remake. Here, the waiters are inside MTT Resort, which is also the entrance to the CORE. Complete with a fountain and even the diner. Here however, you can't enter Glamburger, a hotel room, or the CORE's entrance.

Changes Edit

slender_laboratory_a1 to slender_laboratory_a2: Added the key slots and Power Room.

slender_laboratory to slender_laboratory_a1: Changed objective from 8 Lab Documents to 7 Keys. Added waiting room, a remake of MTT Resort.