This is a story based off Slendercraft, a mini game where monsters from other games hunt players down while they collect the various pages (or whatever objective) and escape the area. Here, all the maps and attackers appear as their own smaller stories into one. There are also alternate endings depending on a choice you make.


The story contains the following: blood and gore, violence, mild language, and disturbing/violent content. If you are a young or sensitive viewer, proceed with caution. Reader discretion is highly advised.

Characters Edit

Lauren: Main character in The Slender Incidents.

Slenderman: The main villain in The Slender Incidents.

Kate: The proxy and secondary attacker in Into The Abyss.

Subject D-9341: Main character in Containment Breach.

SCP-079: Tells Subject D-9341 how to escape in Containment Breach Part 1, and minor appearances in Containment Breach Part 2 and Intruder.

SCP-173: The main villain in Containment Breach.

SCP-106: Secondary attacker in Containment Breach Part 2.

SCP-049: Minor attacker in Containment Breach Part 2.

MTF Agents: Minor group attackers in Containment Breach Part 2 and Intruder.

Shining Armor: Captain of the Equestria Royal Guard. Main character in the My Little Horrors part.

Royal Guards: Appears in Cellars.

Fluttershy, Rainbow, and Pinkie (Amnesia forms): Main villains in Cellars.

Mutated Larvae and Parasite Wasp: Strange entities in Lockout.

Candy Mare: Main villain in Cellars, Lockout, and fights Shining Armor in Candy Night-Mare.

Candy Night-Mare: True form of Candy Mare in Candy Night-Mare

Test Subjects 1, 2, and 3: Victims of Candy Mare's genocide. 3 tries to attack Shining Armor.

Suits of Armor: Haunted suits of armor, minor attacker in Afterlife.

HATRED: Main attacker in Afterlife.

The Slender Incidents Edit

Lauren tries to debunk the Slenderman myth, only to go face to face with it in various locations. Starting from the classic forest, only to be pulled into other locations from other Slender games. Derick comes across some abandoned areas where Slenderman awaits.

Prologue Edit

I remember that one day where I tried debunking the myth of Slenderman. There was a forest blocked off by a steel gate. I was technically trespassing, but I had to show the world about how silly this was. The whole forest looked like it had been untouched for years. For the most part, it was peaceful. I heard nothing but crickets, which was strange cause it was close to noon by the time I arrived. Next thing I knew, the sun began to set and night already came. I checked my phone, no service. It was as if I had escaped reality.

I suddenly felt some sharp pain in my legs and I could only move slowly. There was a piece of paper attached to a nearby tree. The note only said "no no no no no" written all over it. I picked up the page, and heard a loud boom. I knew I was in trouble.

The Eight Pages Edit

The sounds of the crickets were gone and all I heard was this constant boom sound. I could barely even hear my own footsteps. A sudden feeling of being watched or in danger suddenly overtook me, I knew I wasn't alone. I pulled out a camera and began filming myself walking through the forest. The camera had some slight malfunctions like sudden bursts of static, but I thought nothing of it...I should've.

I got about three pages when I noticed something in the distance. It looked like a person. "Hey!" I yelled, hoping the figure would hear me. I began to feel weak and as I approached it, it vanished. The camera began to malfunction even more. I realized, that was Slenderman. After a few seconds, I spotted what looked like a bathroom. Why is there a bathroom in the middle of a forest?

The inside was all cramped and hard to navigate, as if I was in a maze. Two small rooms were on the left and right side. It looked like a bathroom, but nothing was inside the house...well, except for a page and a chair. The chair made me think again that this was a restroom. It should be, why would it be in the middle of a forest?

Six pages were retrieved, one of them was on a large dead tree that stood out from the rest of the area. The wind became brutal. The booming sounds went away and the wind replaced it. I saw Slenderman more frequently, one time he was almost directly touching me. I ran as fast as possible, but he was always a step ahead. Chances are, he had the ability to teleport.

Seven pages. The wind got even worse. I could barely even look up without gusts of wind hitting my eyes. My best chance was to look down and move. The camera was stuck in a blurry state, not a single thing was recognizable. I saw the last page on an abandoned car. As soon as I got the page, the wind stopped. Not like it slowed down, just one second it was there, and the next, it wasn't. The camera bursted into static, I was turned around only to see Slenderman's pale white face. I felt dizzy and lightheaded, and I fell to the ground.

Into The Abyss Edit

I woke up what feels like hours later. I didn't recognize the area I was in. I woke up on some kind of hill. The camera was still recording and was perfectly fine. I just continued forward, preparing for what I could see next. After what felt like seven minutes, I found a mining facility. I quickly ran into the mine, hoping to find some place to rest. As I entered, I noticed a flashlight lying just outside the building. The giant door suddenly closed on its own right when I entered. The place was abandoned. The walls all covered in moss, holes in the floor, and even some nasty smell.

The main area had what looked like an elevator and a generator. The generator had six lights on the top, all of them were red. I pressed a button to turn the generator on, one of the lights turned green. The elevator sounded like it was powering up, but wasn't ready to activate. I realized, I had find all six of them. There were three hallways in the main lobby.

Two generators were on. I saw Slenderman again. Only this time, he had a partner. I heard what sounded like heavy breathing and distorted laughter. I saw a figure about my size running around. Slenderman could only teleport, what was this thing? This was a type of monster called "proxy", some hybrid creature that distracts you while Slenderman is searching for you.

Three generators were on. I was attacked by the proxy. I heard the heavy breathing and hid in the bathroom. Unfortunately, the proxy knew where I was and attacked me. I was pushed to the ground and rapidly scratched across the face. I shined my flashlight in its eyes and seemed to scare it away. At least I know how to defend myself against this thing. If I get attacked let's say two more times, I could be dead.

Five generators were on. I could tell Slenderman is getting impatient. He teleported a lot more and more closer than i remember. The proxy was partially chained to me half the time because of how aggressive it got. My flashlight seemed to do less and less at this point.

All generators powered. The elevator was fully activated and ready to go. I was being chased by the proxy at this point. I rapidly hit the button to go up to surface. A feeling of relief came over. I was free. I don't know where to go from here, but I think I'm going to be okay.

Hospice Edit

It's been a while since I escaped the mine. The hills and smaller forests became harder to navigate. I spotted what looked like a small building on the top if a hill. Little did I know, I would really be entering a Hospice that Slenderman took over. The inside was a complete mess, floor almost entirely dirt.

Containment Breach Trilogy Edit

Subject D-9341 must escape the SCP Foundation with help from SCP-079. He must avoid hostile SCPs and the MTF Agents. Other scientists must survive against various SCPs as well.

Containment Breach Part 1 Edit

"Secure, contain, protect". Those three words will haunt me for the rest of my life. I was working at the SCP foundation for a while. I was abducted by MTF agents on one night. I spent most of my time locked inside one small room. One bed, one toilet, one sink. Nothing else. The other Class-D Personnel were used to test the various SCPs to see their power. I was up for my first test. Me and two others went up against the SCP-173, also known as "The Sculpture". This is a large clay model that slides around on its own when nothing has eye contact on it. It attacks anything that is nearby and breaks eye contact, even for a second.

"Will all Class-D personnel enter the containment chamber?" The intercom asked. "Please approach SCP-173 for testing."

The door system began to glitch and got stuck. All the lights went out and on again less than seconds. The two other people I was with are dead and SCP-173 was right in front of me. The lights went out again and all I heard were gunshots. The intercom came back alerting that multiple containment breaches are happening and the whole building went into lockdown. SCP-173 went missing, as if it ignored me and took out some guards. A thick fog took over the building, helping the darkness take over.

I realized there was only one thing I could do, get out of there. I had to venture into parts of the facility that I don't even know. One room had some kind of computer with an iron gate surrounding it. I assumed it was an SCP. There was a sign that said "SCP-073 Object Class: Euclid". Euclid means the SCP is neutral, it doesn't like humans but won't attack under certain conditions. "Hey, I heard about the incident" the SCP said.

The computer talked. It sounded like it was using the built in "text-to-speech" system in it. "There is a way out, but it isn't easy" it told me. "There are four keycards that you must get. Be careful though, multiple SCPs are out, all of them are bloodthirsty."

"What about you?" I asked it. I felt foolish talking to a computer. "Sir, I am a computer, what can I do?" It asked. "If you find the keycards, head into that small room with the window that watches me. There are four slots in there. After that, I can take control of the facility and open either gate A or B". SCP-073 explained. "Now go, before crap really goes down". I left and began searching.

Containment Breach Part 2 Edit

Four keycards, that was the trick. The facility is so big and only four keycards are needed. They can be pretty much anywhere, and some rooms are extremely dangerous. Not to mention MTF Agents are in here as well. Not only do I have to risk being killed by SCPs, but MTF Agents can shoot me at any point. Although, the fog will help me not being caught by them.

One keycard found. I can tell that this will take a while. I came across SCP-173 about 3 times. It sure is tricky to press buttons to open doors while staring at a statue. I heard some MTF Agents talking. Talking on how some class-d personnel are still alive and also trying to find a way out. Perhaps I can find them and help them escape.

One room had some small gas chamber room that separates this one from a long hallway with six extra small containment rooms. I had to hold my breath and run as fast as I can. Not to mention the doors automatically close within three seconds. One door was halfway open and jammed. The sign said "SCP-087 Object Class: Euclid". I decided to ignore it for now and kept looking for those damn cards.

Two keycards found. Well, I had to look on almost every desk possible. Right next to a computer, there was one. MTF Agents are almost flooding the place. I barely even saw the SCPs. The sounds of grinding stone really began to get on my nerves, that was SCP-173 moving because no one is looking at it. SCP-106 just broke out. I was told that SCP was one of the most dangerous. With the ability to pass through solid objects and even drag the victims to its own "pocket dimension", this was the biggest threat.

Well, I was found by MTF Agents, for a little. SCP-049 came in and began chasing the agents. I quickly ran into a small containment chamber with a safe SCP. This one is just a machine that makes objects higher or lower grade depending on what switch you press. The intercom came on. "Subject D-9341, are you still there? We have a problem." It sounded like SCP-079. "There is a tall faceless being that just broke in." That doesn't sound good.

Containment Breach: Intruder Edit

As I explored the facility, I didn't see anymore MTF Agents, as if they all left. The SCPs are still there. Through the fog I saw the being that 079 was talking about. I knew something was wrong.

Three keycards. That was a close one. I almost got hit by SCP-173 and 049. The computers were all experiencing the BSOD for some reason. For some reason, I haven't seen SCP-106 yet. Maybe he abducted the guards and killed them.

All keycards obtained. I spent I think a whole hour searching. I went back into SCP-079's chamber and put the keycards in as he requested. "The doors to Gate A are now open." he told. I ran as fast as possible out the door, only to see something off. SCP-106 was waiting at the gate with the tall being that broke in. There it was, pale white face, all black, Slenderman. Tentacles began shooting out of his back. I heard what sounded like a helicopter flying over the facility. Next thing I know, all I hear is a big explosion hitting the gate. MTF Agents began coming in and opening fire on SCP-106, only to deal no damage.

Slender man quickly teleported away as SCP-106 began murdering the guards like nothing. I also had to avoid the gunfire from the near endless swarm. One helicopter remained. I got in, and took off. All the terror was replaced with relief. I finally got out of there, freedom awaits.

SCP-087-B Edit


Shining Armor, captain of the Royal Guard gets pulled into a world similar to Equestria, only to find out the land of friendship became a post-genocide world. Mad scientists, supernatural entities, and evil clones await.

The Equestrian Cellars Edit

The Equestria royal guards received a notice that three residents have gone missing. The three residents; Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Rainbow were last seen near the abandoned Castle of The Two Sisters. Me and four other guards were sent out to find them,

After a few minutes of investigating, one guard found a hidden room. A room that leads to a dungeon. The room had nothing but a long spiral staircase. "What is that smell?' one guard asked. "No idea" I replied "and I don't want to know whats making it". The smell was comparable to sewage and rotting meat. After a few minutes, the staircase ended and the dungeon came into view.

A small television showing nothing but static was on a table near the main hall. This was an abandoned dungeon hidden inside a castle abandoned for thousands of years, why is a television down here? The static began to slow and a figure came into view. "Hello there Shining Armor, and I see you bought your guards." the figure spoke. "There are six keys down here. Find them, and you can see the light of day again. Oh and don't worry about your three targets, they are down here. They have been waiting to see you for a long time now. Good luck."

Sounds of doors creaking open echoed throughout the halls. "Alright men, split up, we need those keys." I commanded. The guards chose different routes and began looking for the keys.

No keys were found before the monster appeared. One guard heard what sounded like distant whimpering. He crept slowly into one room to see a yellow skinned pegasus. "Fluttershy?" The guard asked. "Is that you?" The pegasus just stood there. "You...came...?" the pegasus spoke. "Don't worry, we're here to-"

The guard was cut off as the pegasus lunged towards the guard. It stared at the guard. The eyes are torn out, a valve lodged into the neck, and cut marks all over its body. "Where did you go?" it asked. The guard quietly left the room to notify the others. "So they're blind but have really sensitive hearing." I realized. "We need to move through here as silent as we can."

"Rainbow...Pinkie...where are you?" Fluttershy could be heard in the distance. The quite voice echoing through the halls. A guard found one of the keys. Only to hear the sound of a vent being kicked down and rapid footsteps. "Thought you could get away, didn't you?" a distant unfamiliar voice sounded. Another guard was heard screaming in the distance.

Cellars: Dark Descent Edit

One of the guards was found dead near a room that was previously locked. I walked into the room. Only to be met with bones and various torture devices. A key was inside what looks like a stretching rack, a device used to split someone in half.

Three Keys located. The third one was inside a flooded hallway. One of the guards foolishly bumped into another familiar figure. "Rainbow, did you see anyone else down here?" the guard asked. Rainbow looked almost identical to Fluttershy, only the skin was blue. Rainbow stood there motionless. She quickly turned around and began attacking the other guard, biting at his neck various times.

Two guards killed and the fourth key located. I had close encounters with Fluttershy and Rainbow. Rainbow appeared to act differently. If anything is near her, she rushes them down and kills them almost immediately. The third and final creature was hiding the whole time. The third guard approached a barrel to check. Only to see a bright pink head jump out and attack. Pinkie was the last one. The last guard came across the mutilated corpse of the third guard. Inside the same barrel was the fifth key. The guard gave me the keys and will act as a distraction for the three mutant ponies.

"I tasted them, not what I expected." Pinkie told Rainbow. "I nearly ripped one of the heads off." The three missing ponies appeared to have full speech, but are technically undead. Shining Armor got the last key. The last guard came into the room where the three mutants waited. "Taste me all you want you ugly bastards." he told them. All three of them latched onto the guard and ripped him up furiously. Shining Armor found the exit, unlocked all six locks and got out of the "Cellars".

Lockout Edit

The surface seemed to resemble a whole new world. The sun was up and more brighter, grass dried up, and a yellow-colored hedgemaze awaited. Another TV was on a barrel. "You did it. Did you miss them?" the TV asked. "I don't know who the bloody hell you are, but I will kill you if I ever come across you!" I yelled. "My my, you might wake up our new subjects."

"Subjects? What do you mean?" I asked. "In this large maze, you might be shocked to see that those three ponies seemed...different. Oh and something else is wandering around here. I wish you luck." The TV spoke and powered off.

The door that lead back to the cellars slammed shut and locked itself. It also sounded like the two handles twisted together. Shining Armor tried to look above the hedges, only to see an empty wasteland, as if he escaped his own world. Other footsteps were heard in the distance behind some hedges. "Whatever it is, I know it's not going to be normal." I said to myself. A small paper was attached to the wall. "I had no choice, I'm so sorry. I just wanted her to not ignore me anymore. Dashie seemed to love her more than I ever thought. I just wanted to make them appreciate what I had done." the paper read.

I thought it was my mind going crazy. "Fluttershy killed them?" I thought. "No, someone else did it." The other footsteps got louder and accompanied by heavy breathing. Another pony came into view. This one however, looked more different than the ones in the cellars. This one had what looks like worms or tentacles coming out of various parts of the body. Coming out of the chest, legs, and even the eyes.

I did the same strategy against Fluttershy, move as silent as possible. This one also appeared to be blind. The heat and humidity began to increase. Another piece of paper found. "Why? Why did I do this? I just tortured and murdered one of my best friends. What will Fluttershy think if I tell her this? I'm so dead now."

"So Fluttershy killed whoever this is, and Pinkie killed Rainbow?" I thought. "So...who did Rainbow kill?" I quickly got his answer when a filly's skeleton was found with a note attached to the bones. "This job had me killing innocent fillies and turning their insides into rainbows. I even had to kill one of my biggest fans. Scootaloo, I'm sorry."

I remembered one thing. "If Rainbow killed Scootaloo, Pinkie killed Rainbow, and Fluttershy killed Pinkie, who killed Fluttershy and resurrected the three and turned them into these...things?"

A small computer was inside a small room within the maze. Using a stick found nearby, I looked up this pattern. The three ponies were are "grimdark" versions, psychopathic murderers that take the form of normal residents. The one who resurrected them was still unknown. The end of the maze was nearby when another creature was spotted. This one didn't even look like a pony. Rather a large mutant wasp and long claws. The sound of the wings in the distance sounded just like a wasp, only much louder. "Mutated Larvae" was the blind one, this was "Parasite Wasp". I hid to see what Parasite Wasp does. It found the skeleton and began to vomit a substance that looked like acid. I quickly ran but got the attention of the wasp. The wasp luckily can't control itself very well at high speeds. I threw the stick and it hit the wasp in the eye. The humidity began brutal at this point. The end of the maze was very close. When I got to the end, all I saw was a dead end. I passed out due to the heat.

Ponyville Ruins Edit

After what felt like days later, I woke up at a familiar place. Ponyville looked normal, but the residents aren't there and some of the buildings looked damage. I walked into the town. Distant young voices echoed throughout the ruins of the town. The TV appeared again, this time inside an auditorium building. "Nice work Shining Armor, how about we meet out here?" the TV spoke. "Why would I want to meet a psychopathic bastard like you?" I replied.

"You wanted to see me right? I'm coming." I punched the TV right when it shut off. A small figure blocked the door out. "Get out of here child, I must deal with this." I spoke. The small figure began to sing the "Nightmare Night" song. "Nightmare Night, what a fright, give me Something Sweet to Bite." Shining Armor noted that the last part sounded more louder and clearer than the rest. The figure vanished.

A small note appeared when the figure vanished. "She thinks you may taste great. I know how it feels, I've been it before." the note said. Pieces of candy littered the place. I decided to look into what was Fluttershy's house. The inside contained the skeletons of various animals. Rabbits, bears, squirrels, and even birds. Another small figure appeared and again sand the Nightmare Night song. I ran out of the house to see shadows walking through the roads. They quickly vanished after he looked at them.

The library looked like it suffered the most. Books and entire shelves were broken and littered all over the place. I began to have flashbacks of his sister Twilight, who I haven't seen throughout the past encounters with these creatures. "If I find out who did this, I will make sure they suffer the same fate as they did." I thought to myself. He walked outside to find something that wasn't there before.

One more figure appeared, covered in blood and holding a knife. "Nightmare Night, it's gone...forever" the figure spoke. "You better stay the hell away." I threatened as I found a nearby spear. The figure ran at me and I threw the spear. Another figure quickly jumped into the spear.

I noticed that the figure was about my size. "Candy! Are you alright?" the smaller one asked. The other figure coughed. "I'm fine, next time leave when I tell you to!" the other figure replied.

It stood up and took the spear out of the chest. "You know, I've done everything I can. Taking this world and dragging it into Oblivion was the most amount of fun I ever had. Kidnapping fillies and murdering their parents was a nice tradition I did every Nightmare Night." The figure spoke. "Shining Armor, I was the one behind all of this. You want me dead I know. But if you really want that..." the figure stopped talking as a bright flash took over. Large hand-like claws shot out of the figure's back and it grew even taller. "Let's have some fun first."

Candy Night-Mare Edit

I knew this was the way to escape the post-genocide world. I had to kill this...thing and escape. The size of the creature made it hard to attack with nothing but spear. As I began to attack the creature, some yellowish substances began shooting out of its body. It burned on contact as if it were acid. The creature used its new parts to grab a nearby tree. "Come on Shining, show me how you became this "captain". It taunted. I threw the spear into the eye of the creature. It pulled the spear out and threw it back. More and more of the substance shot out of the wounds and now it felt like venom piercing my skin. The creature emitted a loud screeching sound after pulling the spear out. It swung the tree and destroyed a nearby building.

The ruins of the town began to get darker and darker. I realized that if he didn't kill this thing, I would join everyone else in the abyss. I grabbed the spear and began attacking again, this time more quickly. The other eye was attacked and more of the yellow substance shot out. The creature fell over as its chest bursted open, revealing an enlarged parasite. The parasite shook violently and even tried to attack. I gave one last strike and jammed the spear into the parasite, killing it and the creature.

Dark brown substances surrounded the creature as it laid there. "So..this is it huh?" the creature began speaking. "Listen, inside me is a key. It unlocks the second gate and an abandoned castle through that forest over there. Free the souls, and you will return to your normal world. IF YOU SURVIVE THAT IS!" The head of the creature jumped off the body and flew at me. I hit the head with the spear, finally killing it. The body began to harden and disintegrate as the brown substance began to appear faster. A small key shined through and laid on the street.

As I approached the gate, I turned to see the shadows once again. When I turned back to the gate, a figure stood before me. "With that son of a bitch dead, we can finally rest. Don't worry, none of this is real...except you." the figure vanished. The gate unlocked itself and swung open, to reveal a forest.


The forest was nothing but a long straight trail, leading to an abandoned castle. It was located on a large rock with a small bridge connecting the rock and the edge of the trail. Where the pit leads is unknown. The bridge shook violently as if it was going to break. One piece of it fell off as soon as I set foot on it. There was a lantern next to the door along with a note. "This is it, make it, and you will be free. Find the six soul gems and head to the throne room." the note read. I walked into the abandoned castle. Banners and statues all destroyed and almost the entire ceiling is missing.

A hallway containing suits of armor was to the right side. Most of the suits stood normally, while others are on two legs, holding axes. "Well, this is funny." I said to himself. As he walked slowly, one of the normal suits jumped up and swung an axe. I quickly fell back and the suit hit the wall. The suit fell apart after the impact. Five other statues attacked when passed by. A small column came out of the ground at the end with a soul gem on it. When picked up, the statues came back and looked normal. They didn't attack.

Other footsteps echoed throughout the halls. "Great, I wonder who it is this time." I thought. Another long hallway was to the left. But this time, it looked like hooves coming out of the walls. One of which was slanted. I touched the slanted hoof and the wall spun, taking me to the throne room. A large platform with six empty slots stood behind the throne.

More secret rooms seemed to be obvious now. One of which looked like a small library. A soul gem was inside one of the shelves. At this point, I had three soul gems, but didn't see what he was supposed to be avoiding. When he put the third soul gem in, a loud scream echoed throughout the castle, followed by the sound of what sounded like bones breaking. I peeked behind one of the corners to see a red and black figure, but this one wasn't a pony. In fact, it resembles that of a human. It was holding what looks like big hedge clippers.

One room was nothing but a long bridge connecting to a large stone pillar above a pit, similar to the outside. Normally, a spell book would be on the platform, but this time, a soul gem waited. Just like the outside bridge, it shook and pieces broke. I got the soul gem and the platform began to break. I jumped and barely