Townsend is a map in Slendercraft

Description Edit

By using an old tutorial world (which version needs specified), One world has three maps in one. Townsend is the main village and where the player would first spawn in. Townsend is an abandoned town map. All the flowers in pots are now dead bushes, the water is all gone, and most of the grass is now course dirt. Buildings look damaged and many trees are missing. The hedges are also completely removed.

Waiting Room Edit

Townsend reuses Manor and Hillside V2's waiting room.

Changes Edit

slender_townsend_a1 to slender_townsend_a2: Removed hedges. Bridge is open. Ladders added to the bridge to allow more escape methods. Damaged houses for more deserted feel.

slender_townsend to slender_townsend_a1: Farm is open. Fixed a lot of out of map areas. Removed water for more deserted feel. Removed the beacon.